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October Field Trip


OREC had a last-minute field trip for its October meeting, to Covanta Energy up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A decent group of us were able to make it (even though the email announcement did not include the date), and we definitely learned a lot! We learned Covanta Energy’s waste-to-energy (WTE) plant is the single largest renewable energy facility in Oklahoma. WTE facilities are an excellent alternative to traditional landfills because they reduce the land area needed for disposal of household trash and they capture the energy stored inside of it. Although some pollution is associated with this process, most renewable energy advocates see WTE facilities as a positive trade off. Matt Newman is Covanta‘s business manager and our tour guide for the day. He was very informative and open to showing us different areas if the plant. We hope to bring Covanta down to OKC for an OREC meeting sometime next year.

The tipping floor at Covanta Energy where their fuel is delivered

Video showing Covanta Energy’s crane action

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