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State Energy Plan Continues Energy Efficiency Related Grants


The Oklahoma Deparment of Commerce (ODOC) is serious about getting funds to Oklahoma State Agencies and other Public Buildings. The funds are for energy efficiency related projects, which are excellent long-term investments in our public infrastructure.  The money will be coming from the Department of Energy (DOE) in the form of grants.  Each grant opportunity is listed on the ODOC bid page, and one official there says they "hope to continue providing funding via grants and low-interest loans in subsequent years."  The first grant this year was for energy efficient lighting.  The grant was released with a 30 day deadline, which many are pointing to as a deterrent to their ability to apply for this grant.  Many state agencies only meet once per month, and they would need at least 2 meetings to make any financial committment like this. 

Any grant proposals that were turned in are now in the evaluation process.  The awarded grants will be announced after a full review.  Per the same official, next on the docket for the ODOC is "to request for energy audit proposals targeting local and state governments.  Entities selected as part of the energy audit pool can apply for the implementation phase funding via SEP grant and loan."  What a great concept: an audit to identify inefficiencies, and a funding mechanism for project implementation!  This is the way it works in private business, and (if it works) it will be great to see government finally fix some inefficiencies.

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