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OREC Mentioned In the Local Paper


The President of OREC, Tyson Taussig, was interviewed by Mr. Jack Money with the Oklahoman for a story published in the Sunday paper (August 12th, 2018). 

The story addressed the growing controversy surrounding the Attorney General's opinion on Solar PPAs.  Money does a great job fleshing out the opinion, and spelling out why it is such a big deal. I think he also got across the excitement that some of us are feeling, while leaving up in the air what the true impact will be.  This will be an issue for some time in the state until it is cleared up in the courts and on the streets.

Some have speculated that major solar franchises will want to setup shop in Oklahoma, while others point to our low kWh rates and unfavorable net metering laws as evidence that nothing will change.  As far as OREC knows, the first solar PPA has not been signed.

Read the full story on The Oklahoman's website:   https://newsok.com/article/5604360/oklahoma-attorney-general-opinion-energizes-solar-enthusiasts

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