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New Energy Efficiency Grant for Local Oklahoma Governments


Oklahoma government is getting some much deserved help investing in energy efficiency. Without any RPS, Oklahoma hasn’t had any mandatory spending on renewable energy or energy efficiency. Between the inattention and the annual budget cuts, all public infrastructure has taken a hit. Specifically, by not investing in our buildings, our state has locked itself into high operating costs. 

There have been efforts by the state, certainly, as there have always been warriors for efficiency influencing Oklahoma government. The 20% by 2020 Program is one such example of the state’s efforts on efficiency. From the state’s website:

“The mission of Oklahoma Facilities Energy Conservation Program, 20%x2020, is to reduce the energy consumed in facilities owned or operated by the State of Oklahoma while maintaining a comfortable, productive building environment. Derived from the strategic objectives in Governor Mary Fallin’s 2011 Oklahoma First Energy Plan, 20%x2020 was established by Senate Bill 1096 in 2012.

Senate Bill 1096 set a target goal of cumulative energy reduction in state buildings of not less than 20% from the 2012 fiscal year baseline by year 2020. As 20%x2020 is implemented throughout the state, regular energy performance reports will be posted to this website.”

This grant will give some local government(s) or public building(s) much needed leverage to fit energy projects into their strapped budgets. The grant is coming from the Department of Energy, and this federal investment  will lower our tax liabilities for years to come.  The RFP is looking for LED lighting and renewable energy projects, and all the details can be found on the OMES website (https://www.ok.gov/dcs/solicit/app/solicitationDetail.php?solID=3334).

There is still a lot of uncertainty about the grant,and many clarification requests are yet to be answered (the state has until 8/2 to answer). If you have any information or have something to add to this article, please email OREC2006@gmail.com.

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