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Norman Commits to Renewable Energy


The City of Norman approved a resolution to transition to renewable energy by 2035. Although the resolution was approved unanimously, it is not binding on the city long-term. The resolution distinguishes two sectors of energy: electricity and heat & transportation, with the more urgent emphasis on electricity generated by clean renewable sources. They resolve to be fully renewable for heat and transportation by 2050. Norman joins 68 other cities across the US in this important commitment to renewable energy.

Many believe the city will start to request more and more renewable energy to meet their growing demand. In fact, this new commitment from the city of Norman may begin to create a real demand for new, renewable energy supply in Cental Oklahoma. Some are comparing it to the effect that the highly desired, large corporations had when they demanded access to renewable energy before moving to Oklahoma. 

OREC is currently gathering statistics to estimate the impact this decision may have over the coming decades. Central Oklahoma could certainly use a boost on demand for solar, since new solar farms have been slow to be developed.

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