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Big Win for Wind: SB888 Defeated in Oklahoma Senate


While things are changing here in Oklahoma, some things stay the same.  Attacks on the wind industry are as constant as the wind itself, reliably coming each spring with the legislative session.  The latest gust has come through SB888; originally a bill to end the ethanol tax credit, the latest iteration would have ended the refundability of the Wind Tax Credit beginning January 1, 2019. A strong push by oil & gas lobbyists had it fairly close to passing, but too many fair-minded legislators were not swayed.  Many senators were saying how it would send the wrong message to go back on our word as a state, and how that would harm our reputation and credibility in the years to come.  As long as the deficit still remains, the wind industry is still at risk of blowback from all directions.  Sources say HB3716 may become a new path to sweep away the refundability of these tax credits.  Many good people are at the capitol pushing back against these bills, and if one were to slip through and be signed into law, many good lawyers would be filing lawsuits.  As many times as things at the capitol change, some things stay the same: that Oklahoma wind is still blowing strong! 

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