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I love the crowd at OREC monthly meetings, our members are great people - salt of the earth!  Sometimes I wonder who's out there that can't come to our monthly meetings (every 2nd Wednesday at 10am) due to work etc.  I believe there are thousands more people in OKC and Tulsa that support renewable energy, or want to know more about it.  That's why we decided to promote this event, to meet some of those great people!  

From Taylor, one of Renewabrews' organizer:

"Renewabrews will take place in Oklahoma City at the Anthem Brewery as a way to reach out to other businesses who are interested in sustainability and renewable energy in the Oklahoma City area.  We will be inviting all kinds of businesses to this informal gathering in hopes to build a coalition of people who are passionate about renewable energy and furthering the economy through these efforts.  

 We would like this monthly event to serve as a sounding board for different groups to come together and share ideas of how we can make renewable energy more commonplace in Oklahoma.  This will take place on the first Thursday of every month and we have hopes to start this in the fall."

If you're interested in attending Renewabrews or you have a group that is interested in renewable energy, please reach out to OREC to coordinate.  

Written by Tyson R. Taussig, OREC President

918-771-8444 or OREC2006@gmail.com



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