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New Renewable Energy Education Group


Efforts Materializing for K-12 Renewable Energy Education

Many in the OREC circle are passionate about the topic of Renewable Energy (RE) Education for K-12.  Many in other circles are passionate about K-12 education as well, but with a different agenda.  The Oklahoma oil & gas industry indirectly funds an extensive effort through OERB to teach Oklahoma's next generation about their technology and its benefits.  Right now, the other side of the story isn't being told.  

OREC is ready to act on behalf of Oklahoma whippersnappers.  In partnership with the Sierra Club, we have formed a working group with some very bright and motivated minds to tackle this issue and create content for our teachers and their pupils.  This group includes multiple PhDs and lifelong educational minds.  This should be a great adventure.  Our next task is to compile research and examples of RE eductation in other states and countries, so we can learn from their successes and mistakes. 

If you have any material to submit or would like to join this working group, please email OREC at orec2006@gmail.com!

written by Tyson Taussig, OREC President (918-771-8444)



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