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2017 OSU-OKC Earth Day Fair


Update from OREC 

Education is part of the core of the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council.  We are always looking for opportunities to educate Oklahomans about renewable energy.  If you have a educational opportunity or would like to volunteer at one or our events please email the board at orec2006@gmail.com.

Earlier this spring, we were glad to be invited to the 6th annual OSU-OKC Earth Day Fair, last month.  It was an excellent event with more than 20 booths focused on talking to students about green ideas and concepts.  The ideas were varied, from focus on electric vehicles to vegetarianism; from soil to solar panels.  We had a great time talking to these college age students about renewable energy and about who OREC is. This was our first chance to use our new Solar Schoolhouse Solar Cell Classroom Kit.  We also had a larger solar panel that we used to power a radio.  We were able to demonstrate solar concepts in a hands-on way, which the students and OREC volunteers found to be very engaging.  

Personally, this event was very important to me.  I first heard about OREC at an event at OSU-OKC when I was a student there and now, I'm the President of OREC!  To have the opportunity to complete the cycle and speak to these younger students about renewable energy was very fulfulling.  In a few more of these cycles, I hope renewable energy will have advanced greatly in our state.  

Tyson R. Taussig

OREC Board

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