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Oklahoma's First Energy Plan


In 2011, Oklahoma developed its first energy plan. As you can imagine, OREC is still celebrating. Here's a short excerpt from the introduction and executive summary:

"The nation is undergoing an energy revolution.  Unprecedented new supplies of natural gas, a renaissance in oil production, and a newfound ability to economically capture energy from the wind are here today.  Promising new supply technologies in CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and biofuels are close to commercial demonstration.  New power generation, electricity distribution, and smart grid technologies are rapidly developing and penetrating the market.  In each of these areas, Oklahoma is leading the way.  Despite four decades of federal efforts to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, imports have continued to rise—until now.  The ideological ambitions of those seeking to eliminate traditional energy struggle to provide economically meaningful results at scale.  In the meantime, pragmatic efforts to improve rather than replace traditional energy are yielding extraordinary results without massive federal subsidies or mandates.  The twin national objectives to reduce oil imports and improve the environment are actually happening, but in ways many never expected.

Fostering economic development, transitioning transportation fuels, optimizing the existing energy system, and positioning Oklahoma for the future by pragmatically leveraging Oklahoma resources are the key components of the Oklahoma First Energy Plan.  Natural gas, renewable energy, and energy efficiency form the cornerstone of a new energy economy to address these objectives, and Oklahoma’s natural resource base of natural gas, oil, and wind, along with technology and policy to make them work better and more efficiently together, position Oklahoma well as a national model for pragmatic energy policy."

An inspiring start. The rest is available via .pdf

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