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Meeting minutes from our August monthly meeting are now available to view.  If you have any corrections or additions come to our next meeting and make a motion! August Meeting Minutes (not final)  
OREC is finally taking an official field trip!  Our last speaker, Mr. Ray Chambers, Central Electric Cooperative, is hosting a tour of CEC's facility next month.  The tour has been organized by the Oklahoma Association of Energy Engineers (our sister organization), and all OREC members are invited to attend.  I am fascinated by the innovation coming out of this rural electric cooperative, and I am excited to see all the techology at their facility.     TOUR OF CEC     SEPTEMBER 19, 2017     11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
  This notice was sent to the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council earlier this week.  It is almost time to start!  I am going to check it out, you should too :)
An interim study has been proposed by the Oklahoma House Energy and Natural Resources Committee, to be conducted over the legislative break.  The topic of the study is the "Economic Benefits of Solar Energy to Oklahoma."  Interim studies are opportunities for legislators to gather information and hear from experts as part of the process of crafting
I love the crowd at OREC monthly meetings, our members are great people - salt of the earth!  Sometimes I wonder who's out there that can't come to our monthly meetings (every 2nd Wednesday at 10am) due to work etc.  I believe there are thousands more people in OKC and Tulsa that support renewable energy, or want to know more about it.  That's why we decided to promote this event, to meet some of those great people!   From Taylor, one of Renewabrews' organizer:
Of all the things renewable energy might be missing in Oklahoma to succeed, one we might not be talking about enough is leadership. A leader in the Tulsa area for renewable energy is Francis Renewable Energy.  Their plan, years ago, was to plant a flag in the desert and wait for the growth to come.  Tulsa isn't known for solar, geothermal and wind power, but FRE is.  They have assembled a great team with sales, design & engineering, install and financing all in house.  Turnkey RE projects are their specialty.  
Efforts Materializing for K-12 Renewable Energy Education Many in the OREC circle are passionate about the topic of Renewable Energy (RE) Education for K-12.  Many in other circles are passionate about K-12 education as well, but with a different agenda.  The Oklahoma oil & gas industry indirectly funds an extensive effort through OERB to teach Oklahoma's next generation about their technology and its benefits.  Right now, the other side of the story isn't being told.  
Elementary Energy Education in Oklahoma What exactly are our children being taught about energy in public schools today?  It is summer right now, but several organizations are working to get new curriculum into Oklahoma schools this fall.  A recent article written in conjunction with State Impact Oklahoma (a public radio collaboration focused on energy, the environment and the economy) cites several reasons for renewable energy advocates to be concerned.