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Get your tickets today for the 5th Annual Roger Farrer Energy Conference! This year's theme is "2020--EnVISION the Future!" This year's conference will be held at the Metro Technology Center--Springlake Campus in OKC (1900 Springlake Dr.)
Hello, teachers! OREEP is pleased to be able to present our materials with the collaboration of CRSTL (Center for Research on STEM Teaching and Learning) at Oklahoma State University Saturday, September 14, 2019 from 8:30 am -3:30 pm. Plan to attend the full day workshop and receive new lesson plans, along with all the materials needed to teach our STEM based renewable energy curriculum.
OREC had a last-minute field trip for its October meeting, to Covanta Energy up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A decent group of us were able to make it (even though the email announcement did not include the date), and we definitely learned a lot! We learned Covanta Energy’s waste-to-energy (WTE) plant is the single largest renewable energy facility in Oklahoma. WTE facilities are an excellent alternative to traditional landfills because they reduce the land area needed for disposal of household trash and they capture the energy stored inside of it.
In Oklahoma, generators sell like hotcakes (especially after a good ice storm).  The amazing thing is that home- and business-owners typically purchase a generator only for use in an emergency.  They might sit unused for several years between outages (props to the utilities for their dependability).  It's peace of mind that one purchases a generator for, and a contingency plan for a disaster. 
The Oklahoma Deparment of Commerce (ODOC) is serious about getting funds to Oklahoma State Agencies and other Public Buildings.
It‘s that time again - The OREC / AEE Energy Conference is being planned! The date is set for 1/9/19 (Wednesday, January 9th, 2019), and it’s in Tulsa this year! Sponsorships and tickets will be available soon.  OREC will have guest speakers presenting on 3 topics you want to hear about. Last year, the keynote speaker was on batteries and we had breakouts on solar, wind and electric vehicles. If you have any suggestions on topics or speakers, please email  
As promised earlier this year by OREC guest speaker Loyd Drain, the SEAM Study from The National Renewable Energy Laboratories has been released. They held a large symposium at Iowa State University on July 26, 2018. The study itself was released there, and multiple guest speakers presented on topics related to the study.
The President of OREC, Tyson Taussig, was interviewed by Mr. Jack Money with the Oklahoman for a story published in the Sunday paper (August 12th, 2018). 
Oklahoma government is getting some much deserved help investing in energy efficiency. Without any RPS, Oklahoma hasn’t had any mandatory spending on renewable energy or energy efficiency. Between the inattention and the annual budget cuts, all public infrastructure has taken a hit. Specifically, by not investing in our buildings, our state has locked itself into high operating costs. 

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