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Efforts Materializing for K-12 Renewable Energy Education Many in the OREC circle are passionate about the topic of Renewable Energy (RE) Education for K-12.  Many in other circles are passionate about K-12 education as well, but with a different agenda.  The Oklahoma oil & gas industry indirectly funds an extensive effort through OERB to teach Oklahoma's next generation about their technology and its benefits.  Right now, the other side of the story isn't being told.  
Elementary Energy Education in Oklahoma What exactly are our children being taught about energy in public schools today?  It is summer right now, but several organizations are working to get new curriculum into Oklahoma schools this fall.  A recent article written in conjunction with State Impact Oklahoma (a public radio collaboration focused on energy, the environment and the economy) cites several reasons for renewable energy advocates to be concerned.
Update from OREC  Education is part of the core of the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council.  We are always looking for opportunities to educate Oklahomans about renewable energy.  If you have a educational opportunity or would like to volunteer at one or our events please email the board at
Update from OREC 
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