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The Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council fulfilled a major part of its mission this week. OREEP (the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Education Program) held their first ever teacher workshop.  The goal of OREEP is to get renewable energy curriculum into the classroom.  They're acheiving the goal by giving renewable energy kits to teachers and instructing them how to educate their students on the subject using STEM principles.
This marks the end of an era of trying to build this HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) transmission line from wind rich Oklahoma to wind hungry South East United States. There were some controversial elements to the project, including eminent domain being used in Arkansas.  The Arkansas Congressional delegation called the decision a "victory for the states," but that ignores the position of the other states that lose in this decision.  Clean Line says "the project is still viable but is moving at a slower pace now."
Check out the March meeting minutes HERE to see what we discussed at our last monthly meeting.  If you see any changes that need to be made, or have anything to add, please email or come to our April meeting where we will vote to approve the minutes.
Our annual OREC bill tracker is now live.  Let your representative know how you feel about the legislation by phone or email, they will never know if you do not speak up.  Click Here to find your representative and their contact information.  If you have a request for any other bill to be tracked, please email to 
We had a successful board election at our February meeting.  Six (6) new board members were elected by the general membership, then the new board met and elected its officers.  Board members rotating off:  Curtis Chambers, Doug Weirick, Len Nones, Nina Carlson, Steve Sadler, Greg Adams Board members staying on:  Tyson Taussig, Stephanie Rainwater
We are having our annual board elections, this February.  We will post a list of all OREC members that are eligible to be board members, here, before the meeting.  One requirement is to have attended an OREC meeting in the past year.  Our next meeting, and the last opportunity to be qualified will be at our January meeting (1/10/18 at 4pm at UCO, after our energy conference).  Please email the OREC if you would like to express your interest beforehand at
A landmark decision came through last Friday from the International Trade Commission.  The judges ruled 4-0 in favor of American solar panel manufacturer Suniva in the Section 201 Petition.  This long awaited decision addresses the ongoing flood of cheap, imported solar cells and panels into the US market.  The scope of the ruling is unclear, as it was ruled under a controversial and long dormant trade case last used in 1982.  There are certain political undertones present, as some recent discourse has trended towared a desire to help American manufacturers as well as a
We have officially started to work on the 3rd annual OREC / AEE Joint Energy Conference.  The date will be announced before November 1st, but is expected to be the first of second week of January, 2018.  If you would like to contribute to the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council, please consider becoming a volunteer to help OREC put on this important conference.  We will need help finding guest speakers, corporate sponsors as well as volunteers for the day of the conference.     Please email the board to express your interest at
Due to popular demand, we are now accepting payments via credit card or direct transfer, through Square Cash.  Please consider joining our organization to support the educational function OREC has in the Oklahoma community.  We will continue to educate the public and our elected officials through non-biased, fact-based information on renewable energy, energy efficiency and other complimentary technololgies.  We have memberships ranging from free to $500.  Download the membership application

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