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July Monthly Meeting


July Monthly Meeting - Download Meeting Minutes Here

7/11/18 at 10am

9412 N. Robinson in OKC

Coffee and Snacks will be served :)



Guest speaker for our June meeting will about LED Lighting from Mr. Tyson Taussig.  Tyson Taussig lives and works in Tulsa, moving from OKC last year.  He has worked in energy-efficiency related fields for the past 13 years including with geothermal heat pumps, home energy inspections and LED lighting.  He earned his associate’s degree from OSU-OKC in the field of renewable & sustainable energy.  Taussig has served as the President of the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council for the past 3 years, organizing their annual conference and chairing their monthly meetings.  Tyson spends his days with Lighting, Inc. looking up at the lights, and preparing reports for his clients showing them how much LED lighting can save them on energy, maintenance and with utility rebates.

Presentation name LED Lighting and Energy Efficiency as a Resource

LED lighting has a great reputation in the market place as a brighter, safer, longer lasting light source.  In the utility industry, LED is seen as a game changer for load control.  The amount of energy that can be saved is surprising, and it can help utilities meet their energy savings goals.  Energy efficiency is treated as a distinct resource when planning future power generation.  We'll take a look at LED lighting specifically then generally at other energy efficiency measures and the affect they have on the grid and on the future on power generation.

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